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Imagine if you could build your own online program free from budget issues, personnel constraints or technology worries. Whether you have an existing program or are looking to launch something new, Bisk Education can transform your dreams into reality with higher education solutions that expand your reach and advance your mission.

Bisk’s highly scalable online learning solutions are informed by a thorough understanding of what’s required for student success. Since Bisk collaborates with universities in the online delivery of courses to anywhere in the world, 24/7, students can prepare for today’s most in-demand careers wherever and whenever it’s most convenient. Six key areas ensure that we develop and execute online programs that help you achieve your goals by transcending the physical limitations of traditional classrooms.

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Excellence in Online Learning

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Your university is known for its rich tradition and unmatched academic excellence. How do you ensure that these distinguishing qualities translate to your online program? Rely on the comprehensive suite of best-in-class services chosen by the nation’s leading universities.

Online Learning Management System

Expand your enrollment while maintaining your academic standards and tradition. Building upon your university’s experience and reputation, our proven business model enables you to remain competitive globally as you operate profitable online programs with virtually no risk and limited capital investment.

E-Learning System
Academic Excellence

When it comes to providing superior solutions for universities, both student and faculty satisfaction are our top priorities. All online programs are designed to uphold university standards. You can be assured of the highest quality and learning outcomes that will exceed expectations, with solutions that help you maximize learning effectiveness and facilitate continuous improvement.

Online Learning System
Online Convenience

Our services allow you to meet the unique needs of a wide variety of student populations, from individual enrollments and cohorts, to professionals employed by small businesses and Fortune 1000 companies. Since Bisk works with your university to make courses available anywhere in the world, 24/7, students can prepare for today’s most in-demand careers wherever and whenever it’s most convenient.

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Let the University Alliance, Bisk's division for end-to-end higher education solutions, provide the expertise to help you create a successful online program. Contact us now. Or click the logos below to visit each university’s site.

Customized Online Solutions

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Online Learning Platform

Bisk understands that not every university has the same needs. Let us assist you with innovative solutions that complement your own competencies, leveraging our expertise to augment your internal efforts. Whatever your particular challenges, we offer unmatched flexibility to help you reach your goals.

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The Interactive Online Classroom Experience

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The Interactive Online Classroom Experience

Bisk’s technology creates engaging, interactive programs that offer everything from faculty-led videos and webcasts to multi-media demonstrations. Professors can teach without compromising academic integrity or student participation. And students can interact with faculty, collaborate with classmates and enjoy the best of classroom learning in a convenient online environment.

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