About Us

For 45 years, we’ve provided tools and opportunities to help lifelong learners reach their personal and professional goals. And since 1995, we’ve helped universities advance their commitment to education through the development of online degree and certificate programs.

Mike Bisk

A Letter from the CEO

Moving Forward

Today, Bisk is investing in technology that makes learning more accessible and adaptive. We’re also challenging ourselves to question fundamental concepts about what learning means and how it works — and we’re gathering a diverse team of creative minds to make it all happen.

I believe that innovations in online learning will elevate the lives of people all over the world. Society is on the verge of a new era of education, and Bisk is helping usher it into the future.

Michael Bisk

A Brief History

  • 1971

    Bisk was founded offering seminars for CPA test preparation

  • 1977

    Introduced cassette tape courses

  • 1980

    Introduced video courses

  • 1989

    Released interactive software courses

  • 1994

    Introduced CD courses

  • 1995

    Offered CPA and CPE courses 100% online

  • 1995

    Partnered with Regis University to launch the first 100% online MBA program in the U.S.

  • 2009

    Nathan M. Bisk College of Business announced at Florida Tech

  • 2009

    Partnered with U.S. News & World Report to launch the online portal U.S. News University Directory

  • 2013

    Sold Bisk CPA/CPE to Thomson Reuters

  • 2015

    Surpassed one million enrollments with the nation’s leading universities

  • 2016

    Introduced new brand identity and mission statement: "We amplify potential"

Our Values

Number 1

Be Bold

We take action and focus on impact. We speak openly with candor and respect. We focus on results over process. We make smart decisions and execute effectively.

Number 2

Be Humble

We’re difficult to offend and quick to forgive. We work as a team. If the floor is dirty, we pick up a broom. We’re quick to admit mistakes and are egoless when searching for the best solutions.

Number 3

Be Remarkable

We are self-motivated, self-disciplined and self-aware. Going the extra mile isn’t a rarity, it’s standard practice. We create incredible products and deliver memorable experiences.